I hope the news will be good. Speedbump helped me a few months ago with a pump problem and now I have another one. My sprinkler system is supplied by a deep well jet pump. The pump is connected to the sprinkler system and two outdoor spickets and no holding/bladder tank is used. I have not installed a timmer to run the system yet due to $$$$$$. To run the system I flip the breaker on in the panel box (the pump is on it's own circut) and then manually open and close the control valves. When I do this the pump kicks on and supplies the water. Now for my problem. Yesterday I went to turn on a valve and no water came forth!!! The pump is running and is full of water but the pressure guage reads 0-3 lbs. I did have to add some water to the pump and suction line. The pump is a 1hp Dayton pump with a mfg date of 8501. This pump has only been used for irragation. Can anyone tell me what my problem might be?? Thank You for your time.