Hi Guys,
I've recently replaced an old deep well jet pump with a 7GPM Goulds 1/2hp submersible. Because I have a 40' static water level the pump puts out ~14GPM which is 2X what it is supposed to resulting in the pump running off the right side of the pump curve. To avoid having problems with upthrust I have restricted the flow in the house with a gate valve so the pump puts out a steady 7GPM as instructed in the installation directions for the pump. The problem now is that every time the pump turns on you can hear a rather loud water going through a valve kind of noise. Has anyone had this problem with restricting the flow from their pumps before. If so has anyone had a successful solution. Do you have the same issue with a CSV? I would imagine you would since they can restrict flow down to as little as 1GPM. Any suggestions would be appreciated.