Some virus's may not actually hurt your computer. Dumping large amounts of useless information on the server, these virus's use up valuable memory space. This can drastically slow down the reaction speed of the processor, and make routine tasks take much longer than normal. Simply deleting any files that contain this particular virus will reduce the load on the processor, and dramatically decrease the time it takes to perform a simple operation, like getting an answer to a post. Identifying the virus in this case is very simple. Any post which contains the name "Rancher", should be deleted immediately. The so called "Rancher Virus" can spread to your hard drive, making the retrieval of any valuable information virtually impossible.

Many of my entire days were being wasted just trying to answer a few post. I deleting the "Rancher Virus" from my computer and added it to my virus blocker list. Since anything with the word Rancher no longer appears anywhere on my computer, the speed at which valuable information is moving is now incredible. I should have the time to answer many more questions about pump systems.

If at any time my answers to your pump system questions seem slightly out of context to the thread, remember that any part of the thread that contains the "Rancher Virus" does not come up on my screen. The information containing the "Rancher Virus" is not pertinent to the subject anyway, and should at least be disregarded if you can't get it off of your hard drive.

Please let me know if you have experienced any other symptoms of the "Rancher Virus". Vigilance is our best defense against these senseless acts of computer terrorism.

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