Hello all,

I'm about to undertake a project I have limited knowledge about... I would like to install some water out to my barn and I was hoping a standard pitcher pump would be a good option. My issue is this:

1. I have an existing unused shallow well (approx 22 feet) that used to be used for our house and was drawn by a jet pump in the basement.

2. My barn is approximately 120 feet from the well.

3. There is approximately a 3 - 4 foot drop in ground level at the well (higher) to the ground level at the barn (lower)

So I have a couple of questions maybe you can help me with.

1. I assume that the pump should be able to lift the 22 feet (well less than that as I suspect the intake pipe is laying on the bottom of the well) but will it also be able to pull the water the 120 feet to the barn after lifting it?

2. If it can do that, how will the downward slope of 3 to 4 feet affect the operation of the pump? Will it constantly flow? Will it make it harder or easier to pump? Will it have no affect at all?

3. One last note, we live in a cold climate so even though I plan to use heat tape on the last 4 feet coming out of the ground, would the lines be in danger of freezing because they wouldn't be able to drain properly because of the downward slope?

I would appreciate ANY help or suggestions you could provide!