Okay, second pump in about 15 years. The first one was a Goulds, 7GS05422, 240 Volt, 6amp, installed myself in 1993. Pump seized.

The second pump is a Sears 390.285531, 230 volts, 8.4 amps, installed myself ~2000, is now drawing close to 20 amps and shutting off automatically, probably an overheat switch on the pump.

I run 40/60 with a Flexcon 26 gallon WR100-03 Pressure Tank.

Well is ~140' (measured by dropline), approx 40' of water, pump is 10-15' off of the bottom.

Yes there is a fair amount of orange sediment in the well, I use a whole-house filter and change it ~12 months, not too bad.

1) Is 7 years too short for the pump life; should I have a professional take a look? Why are these pumps seizing up?

2) Since I will soon be needing a new pump, what pump make and model do you folks recommend?