I have tried 3 or 4 used pumps that are supposed to work and testing them above ground to see if they work all have the same results, theytrip the reset button on the cap. for 1and 1/2 hp and the 3/4 hp ones dont have the reset but all the motors want to work but wont spin the gear but spin freely if turned by hand, even without the pump half attached it wont spin, sears craftman submersible . even if I wire bypassing the contol box and teg. still just buzzing why does it spin freely by hand but not when 220 hits it. The wires coming from breaker box are bare blk and wht I have 3 wire and 4 wire pumps both are 220. does the start comp. get wired first than the reg. yo pump or the reg. to start comp. then pump