We have a well that sits idle for many days -(2nd home).
When it begins pumping from a long rest, the water is very dirty with disolved clays. We have an air injection, alum injection, sedimentation tank, and sand filter to address this issue. To keep from overloading the system, I will initially bypass the whole system, and pump onto the ground, until the water clears up. Since I have a very low output well to begin with, and not wanting to waste water, my question is...is there someway that I can return the water back into the well rather than onto the ground? I may then put it onto a timer, or use the timer from the back flush of the sand filter to periodically turn the well on in our absence to keep the sediment from building up. I realize that it could be said that since I am pumping onto the ground, there is a good chance that it is eventually returning to the water table????
Thanks for your thoughts and all of the help in the past.