Just saw this forum after posting same question on Gary's water softener forum... So I will post it here also!

I have a well pump question on my house.

The system in this question is a 60ft, hand dug well shaft, using 3ft concrete culvert sections. We have a small well house. Feeds 2 houses (neighbor and myself). Currently has a 30 year old horizontal Gould 1.5hp 230v 2 pipe jet pump system that I put in in the 70's. In/out pipes are 1 1/2 galv pipe horizontal and run from pump a few feet out over the 3ft diameter well shaft and then adapts to 1 1/2 black poly pipe down to foot valve. We suspend the pipes currently with a rope tied off at a beam near roof of wellhouse. Our two house connection currently supports two over 50 couples (us included), but in the past supported a third house (no longer on system) and more kids that are now grown and out of the house. That is why we had the 1.5 hp pump.


1. We are starting to get a small drip around the pump housing shaft when running. As this pump is getting so old, I figure we should just replace it instead of trying to fix seal.

2. All we have over the top of the shaft is a rotting wood cover. Probably time to fix that up also.

Question is:

1. Should we just replace the jet pump with a new one? Replacement Gould's looking to be around $500-600 at 1.5 hp range.


Replace existing configuration with submersible... maybe a 3/4 to 1 hp sized for around 16 gpm at 50ft??? I really do not like the existing 2 pipe and support system... And are submersibles more energy efficient than jet systems?

2. If we switch to submersible, any suggestions for torque arrest?

3. Any good ideas for a better cover of the 3ft well shaft? Current situation is a very poor environmental "seal" - not really one at all!

As your site looks like it has a lot of pumps, also recommend what I should get?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

Ray Peterson
425-239-3777 (cell)