I have a cottage in Northern Maine and just had a well put in 180 ft. I would like to use the water in the winter on weekends so need to drain the system when I leave. I have a 1hp submersible pump and thinking of installing a flamatic model 70 just below the pitless to bleed the line of water. The run will be 1" pipe about 80' If I do this:
1. How do I control the air up to my pressure tank (bladder)when the pump starts?
2. How would I ensure the line is drained? Do I enter air with a compressor or use add a tank as part of the system. What valves do I need and where in the line do I put them.

I am also adding a hot water tank somewhere in the just after the pressure tank (figured I would make it more complex to give the full impact of mental gymnastics). This will be drained after each use.

What design considerations are needed.

Many thanks for your help.