My well, as many of you know is quite a distance from the house. Originally it was used at a dairy farm and the water is great and plenty of it.
Back in the 1970's they installed new 1" poly pipe to the house. Being in an open field the disk harrows used for fire breaks did a real job on it. Can't tell you how many patches!
Yesterday I was mowing the grass with a bush hog when the tractor suddenly sank about a foot. Water everywhere! Where there used to be open field is now pine trees. Needless to say the line was broken in two places. Also found a old rusted galvanized T fitting that led to who knows where and 6-8" thick roots trapping the line.
Oh did I mention the mosquitoes and the large patch of poison ivy?
Three hours of digging muck and cutting and chainsawing roots, I finally fixed the leaks. Tomorrow I will recover the pipe and then plan on moving the whole damn line to the open part of the field all the way to the house!
Anyway no question, just my fun evening in paradise.