Hi Guys,
Although I'm not experienced when it comes to wells, I've decided to upgrade my current well set up from a deep well jet pump to a submersible.

Here are specs Ive determined so far for my well:

1) 6 casing
2) Depth to water 40
3) Well Depth- Currently Unknown
4) 36 Gal pressure tank Needs to be replaced
5) HP jet pump outputs around 6 gal/min.
6) Well production unknown But I suspect its pretty good since I live a few hundred yards from a reservoir.

I would like to upgrade this system to a submersible. The problem is Im not sure which one to pick. I know I only need a hp model. Im afraid that since the static water level is so high that a submersible might have issues with upthrust. I have been happy with the pressure/flow performance of the current system. 6 gal/min is ok. However, I believe the 10 gal/min submersible would be better suited to the relatively high water table in my area. My questions is, What flow pump and what brand would you recommend? Will upthrust be an issue? Also, what size should I use with the submersible?