I have a cabin in the woods that has a shallow well that currently uses a pitcher pump.

We are moving right into the 20th century and will be installing electricity. We would like to put an electric pump on the well, but are not sure of the type of pump, etc. and I hope someone could advise me on what we need.

I went to Home Depot and saw some of the Flotec products they carry and I think I am headed in the right direction, however I think we may have some logistical challenges. Here is some basic information:

1) The well is about 25 feet deep and 3 feet in diameter. It is lined with concrete casings and has a concrete lid on it.

2) The cabin is used 12-20 times each year. It is a "cabin" and would not have the same water requirements of a home. There is one kitchen sink, one hand sink, and hopefully someday a shower. No indoor toilet.

3) The cabin is up in the mountains and it freezes in the winter, so the system would need to have draining capabilities.

4) Do we need an air tank?

Can you help educate me and steer me in the right direction?

Thank you,