Hi all,

My father had a problem with his well not working anymore. This is a 30+ yr old well, the drill depth is 157 feet.
We took of the red top of the well and about 4 or 5 feet we saw some type of cap with 3 electrical wires commming out, a steel wire and a threaded hole. I left for the day, due to work and well will messing with it, he some how dropped that cap/casing down the well, it's right under 50 feet
well 2 weeks later we was able to get a 1 inch plastic pipe threaded into that hole and tried to pull it out, it would not move at all, so i'm guess something is locked into the side of the 4 inche well pipe. How in the heck can we get that to release to lift it up, i know that plastic pipe(he got from a friend that had just retired from installing wells). My dad is a retired electrician and has a lot of left over 1 inch piping that is very strong and heavy we could us to pull it out.

Any suggestion. I place a makeshift camera down the well and at 4/5 ft there is a ridge in the pipe,,,then at about 30 feet another one, and at 40.....

Any ideas on how to pull this out since it seems it's locked in?