brother in law and i started washing down a well 2 yrs ago.
we hit water at 9' with casein,everyone told me to go past surface water witch we did.they also told me that the water would "leave"
the pipe when we hit water.the water never left the pipe so we stooped at about 25'.he calls me up 4th of July and says lets try
again,here we go washing down to 80 feet and the water never left
the pipe.after some reading on the net we concluded we were in the water all the time.static water level 9',we put down 28 feet of
1"1/4 pipe hooked used pump and primed our amazement started pumping water.hooked up sprinkler back and forth kind on 5/8" hose.
after 30 min or so the sprinkler was just going about 4' high
started at about 12 to 15' high.we thought running out of water,go get another well point 8' total and 10 feet of pipe.we are down
about 45 feet and can get steady water but only 20 pounds of pressure
don't know how to set pressure switch or what to do,y'all think
we need a new pump its a jet pump for shallow well to 25 feet.
very new to this just trying to water grass and garden,live in Hampton,VA on the do you test a well for output we get
about 5Gal a minute is that enough? thanks for the help.