I have a Myers 1/2 hp 8 gpm 115 volt submersible pump in a 4" diameter well that is about 100 ft deep. The pressure switch went in the spring and I went for a 40-60 psi switch which worked fine for awhile. Now however the pump seems to cut out after being on for awhile (teenager showering, sprinkler on in the backyard...) I have sat at the pressure switch and measuerd the voltage going to the pump, and all looks fine, but when the problem is present the switch will send 120 volt to the pump and the pump seems to have trouble building the pressure up...hangs at 40, or even drops below, at times to zero. This only seems to happen under high load to the pump. Can I test something to figure out if the pump is being thermally overloaded? I replaced the pump myself about 6 years ago or so... my pressure tank was a little low this spring when I replaced the pressure switch. Could I have a pump that is on the way out? A friend asked if I had used torque arrestors when I installed the pump... I don't think I did...might I simply have a bad connection?

Thanks for any advice,,