Bob and others,
We have been blessed with alot of rain these last few months here in central Texas, and hopefully the drought is over(knock on wood). My well was finally able to keep the cistern full, then all of a sudden no more water from the well. Long story short the pump is seized up ( I can't catch a break with this water stuff). I thought there was water in the well, but didn't have an ammeter to see what kind of amps the pump was pulling. The well guy came out and said he got over 40 amps and thought the pump went bye bye.
So, I need to decide what to do.............
I'm planning on pulling the pump myself when I get time, and see how much water is in the well now. THe well guy did spend alot of time showing me how to do this and he thought it would be a two person job for a rookie. THis well is about 80', pump probbably at about 70'with pvc drop pipe and was an 8gmp well when first drilled. THe well guy said that if it were his well, he'd think about using a jet pump and use the existing tank and be done with it. OR he said he thought I could drop another sub in myself and save a bunch of $$ over having them do it? He made me promise not to tell his boss he said that.

I don't think pressure or gpm would be an issue as this well is only filling the cistern. WHat do y'all think........Y'all were right about everything else when I was trying to set up my cistern!