I have been told that due to the fact i have only 2 gal/min of water after a 12hr pump down test that i should install a 500 gal holding tank in my new house. I think i have the jist of what needs to be done but thought i would run it by you guys.

I am going to install a submersibal pump down the well that pumps to the holding tank. This pump is to be controled by a float switch in the holding tank. (I understand that a pumptec control would prevent this pump from running if the water in the well drops below an acceptable level??)

Secondly another shallow/ Jet pump runs fromt the holding tank to a small pressure tank and then into the house. I am hoping that this arrangement would allow me to have a fairly constant pressure in the house rather than the typical well cycle rate of 40-55psi.

Any thoughts on this arrangement or any advice on a better methgod would be much appreciated.