old well new pump new problem. i would like to know what steps might fix my problem with pumping sand from well. i just replaced my old pump in march,i also replaced the drop pipe with 1 inch stainless at the same time. i got tired of replacing the galv. drop pipe every seven years. well casing had a tight spot getting the 4 inch pump by last two times , so this time i used a 3 inch grundfos. now it has plenty of clearance that i can pull it up by hand. anyway. pump runs fine and water ran clear for 2-3 months,then started pumping sand . i cleaned house filter and it was almost filled in a week with sand last week i raised pump almost 2 feet and i am still getting some sand although not as bad. i heard about cleaning bottom of well out with compressed air but i dont know what kind of fitting i would need on the end of the hose . well pump is 38 feet deep now, original pump was 40. well is 20 yrs. old. any ideas or suggestions.
thanks ken