Hi Everyone,

New to the forum here - first post. I've been talking with Speedbump over the last year and bought a control box, pump and motor from him last week. It got here super quick - thanks for that Speedbump.

Anyway, my question is this: Initially when we had our well drilled I was told / sold on paper a 3 h.p. 35 gpm pump. We ran that pump for a good year plus and filled our pond with it. Then the pump stopped working. So I called the guy out who had drilled our well and sold/installed our pump to troubleshoot it. They checked it out and said it was likely the control box that needed replacing. So they replaced it with a new 3 h.p. control box. Still the pump would not work. I put off pulling the pump up until I had time to do some homework and could be in town to see what would come up out of the hole. About a year passed and we got back to working on the well. I called the guy up to have him re-affirm what size pump and motor I currently had in the well. He looked it up and told me he had installed a 2 h.p. / 25 gpm pump. Obviously my first concern is that I had been sold and billed for a 3 h.p. / 35 gpm pump. My second concern is that I now had a 3 h.p. control box on a 2 h.p pump.

My question to you guys is first: Will a mismatched control box still operate a pump like this? I'm wondering what would happen if a guy put a 2 h.p control box on there?

Secondly, What would you do about this guy billing me for one thing and selling me another?

I should mention this guys crew was supposed to be here this morning to pull my casing and install the new pump and control box I got from Speedbump - but guess what? They were a no show! It's flat out exhausting working with a service provider like that. Hope you guys can shed some light on my questions.