I recently replaced the impeller on my Sears 1/2 hp shallow-well jet pump,with a 60/40 tank, after the foot valve screen failed, causing the old impeller to warp from heat and pebbles, cleaned all the pump, gaskets, etc. and the pump seemed to be ok. After doing this, I moved the pump from approx. 50 feet from the water, to 100 feet from the water, basically for a better view of the lake.There is a vertical lift of 6 ft. I installed new plastic line from the lake to the camp, and also a new foot valve. After priming several times, I only get a little air. There appear to be no leaks, and I only have one faucet testing when trying to draw the water in. I'm wondering if I should move the pumphouse back closer to the lake, or if somewhere there might be a leak, or something else that I might be overlooking. I only use the water for hand washing/toilet, so the use is not

Many thanks!