I'm new to wells but getting advice from many and don't know what to believe.
Bought some property with a 1 1/4 inch driven well that has not been used for 7 years. The pump is an older Water Ace 1/2hp Jet pump that works. Back flushed 2 times and started to get flow but with extreme amounts of sand actually plugging the lines.
My source of back flush water is limited, I have a 3HP air compressor and was wondering what would work to clean up this well(could I substituter the air compressor instead of using a really limited supply of water.
1) how much water should I expect to use?
2) Is there a typical amount of times to back flush before I see a significant improvement?
There is no historical info on the well beyond that it worked prior to the 7 years but picked up sulfur.
The well is 18ft with water at 8 ft (I'm 1/8 mile from a inland lake)
I tried pulling the 1 1/4 with a hyd. jack and chain and could not budge The well is in a utility shed with not much room, I assume if I can free up I'll end up cutting the pipe and replacing (my guess is the foot valve hasn't been replaced in many years). Any suggestions on pulling the 1 1/4 would be appreciated as well. I'd like to get the well running for general use while I remodel the house.