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Thanks to this informative forum, I have learned a great deal on pumps & tanks. Especially from ‘speedbump – bob’. From all the readings, I have the following 7 questions – (1) What is the life expectancy of a Rapidayton jet pump? (2) Are jet pumps designed to perform 24/7 over cycle every 10 minutes? (3) Would it causes unnecessary wear and tear to run a jet pump for over 30/60/90 minutes continuously with water/liquid (this is not dry air)?

I am establishing a 4,000 square feet new lawn that would need watering twice daily; most likely 2 x 120 minutes daily, say 7- 9 am, and 6 -8pm.

I have a Rapidayton W13194 (MODEL 7CLT, Ser# D77, HP ¾, VOLTS 115/230, AMPS 11.4/5.9, RPM 3450, FR56J, Hz 60, in use when I move in 1976, or at least 30 years continuous gentle use; never abused) with a ‘Well-X-Trol’ Professional (WX-202, 20 gal. installed May 2005 with new white pipes). The pressure is set at 25/40 psig. The pump is powered by 110 volts house current.

The pump body gets warm to touch after initial 10 minutes continuous pumping; and very warm after another 5 minutes (total 15 minutes). I figure this would be similar to a long shower. I baby sat the pump when the sprinkler was running (max water pressure at 40 psig.). The tank dial drops to 26 from 40(max) in 2 minutes. The pump kicks on as the tank dial reads 26, and returns the tank dial to 40 psig within 4 minutes with the sprinkler running concurrently. The pump would keep running with both tank dial and pump dial register 40 psig. If the pump runs on without any stop, just gets warmer, I would understand. However the pump would shut off irregularly, randomly at 9, 13, and 23 minutes, after it restarts at 26 psig (tank dial). (4) Is there an ‘overheat protection’ for the jet pump? (5) What would fail first: the electric relay? Or the electric pump?

(6) How to determine when it is a good/reasonable time to ‘rest’ the electric jet pump? When the pump body is very warm to touch, and the exhaust air is very warm? Currently, 2nd date of watering the new lawn, I’ve adopted the 20/50 minutes run/cool cycle during the day. I prioritize pump preservation over a speedy new lawn. (7) Am I overly cautious?

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