Posted - Jun 14 2007 : 12:32:21 PM

I have a 4 in well that is 205 ft deep, water level 84 ft and pump set at 100 ft. Problem is ti is pumping sand and sediment, buillds up in 82 gallon tank and get into house. Have filter before house with back flush and washable filter. Still this does not solve problem. The casting is pvc and must not be down futher enough and pump is pulling sediment from sides. What do you suggest is problem and what is cure????? Is it possible to lower 4 in casting or go with 3in casting and 3in pump to get casting down below pump level. This is for a residental rental in south georgia. thanks, sidney


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Posted - Jun 14 2007 : 1:54:59 PM

I don't know if it's possible to lower the casing or not. That would have to be determined by the driller who constructed the well. Drilling is different every where you go. It's a local thing if you know what I mean.

Contact the driller, he will be your best bet.


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Posted - Jun 15 2007 : 6:54:05 PM

Driller is out of bussines and I don't know how long ago it was drilled. How is pvc casing joined together? Does it have a sleeve at every joint? If casing was metal I could use electric magnet to tell hoe deep casing was. Does this sound as if the casing is not down as deep as pump. What options is there? Could a 3 in casing and pump be installed into 4in casing? Is there a sleeve that could be put over the pump and put back down into the well to keep sediment from coming from the sides. Help with answers or suggestions will be gtratly appreciaed. thanks in advance for all you help!!!!!!!!!