A few weeks ago I was asking help on a shallow well system that was sucking air. I found that problem. The 1 1/4" hose that runs down into the ground had a couple of hairline cracks. Replaced the pipe and problem solved or so I thought.

Now everything runs great, no air in the lines and good pressure but for only about a day. Eventually I open any valve in the house and no water. When I get into the crawl space (where the pump is) to inspect I find that the reservoir on the pump is dry.

I remove the 1" fill plug, fill with water and it runs fine for another day or so.

Is it possible I damaged something like the check valve when I was pumping all that air a few weeks ago and maybe the pump overheated?

this is a Sears 120VAC 1/2hp Shallow well pump generating 40/60 psi and hooked to a holding tank.