I bought a house last fall, it has a Gould jet pump Model J7 mounted on top of a well x trol expansion tank in the our landry room.
I drained the tank and removed the pump and tank last fall and placed it in the garage to complete some work on the house over the winter. there are two black plastic lines that come out of the ground in the crawl space that go to the pump, they are both the same diameter. I imagine one line is well water supply and the other is return. I replaced the last 20 ft of the lines with 1" galvinized pipe One of the problems is now I don't know which one is which. I tried hooking them up to the pump running it nothing, then I reversed the lines still nothing (Nothing= meaning no water pressure)I filled the lines with water primed the pump and STILL no pressure. Then I read that the 90 degree elbows in the gal. pipe (aprrox. 6 per line) may cause resistance in the flow of water.

This tank and pump set all winter in the garage, I though something might have frozen and broke inside the pump, but I put 50 psi on the pump itself and it maintained pressure and the expansion tank maintains its pressure.
I am at a total loss as to what to do, any advice would really be great.