Greetings again!

Bought our new 1.5HP pump & CSV 60 from Bob back in March, & things worked great!
Recently the pump has started cycling way too much.
Doesn't do it all of the time.
Often it will behave exactly like it should; sit there & wait for someone to use water, kick on, pump & then shut off once the water pressure gets to 70psi. & stay off till needed againÖ
When it does start cycling, it pumps till 70psi, stops, I can stand there & watch the water pressure drop until the pump kicks on again at 53psi, runs for maybe 10 seconds to 70 & kicks off again. Turning on every minute or so!
If I turn the pump off, the pressure drops to 45 or so & stops.
If I close the valve to the house supply the pressure will stay @ 70.
I would guess a leak in the house, but that should always leak, not just occasionally?
1.5 HP pumps out of the aerator tank into the house, have an evil home depot 42 gal equiv pressure tank & a water softener from Gary that I installed when we bought the house back in September.
When the water pressure is dropping, there is no indication on the softener that itís doing anything. Itís digital display is usually pretty accurate about showing water use & indicating that itís softening water.