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Thread: 4" Well Help

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    4" Well Help

    Greetings and thanks for putting together this site. Ive got access to a boring machine (auctioned off from the Hwy Dept) that will bore a 4 by 80 foot hole. The gentlemen that owns it has offered to drill for me but that I will need to pick up the pipe, screen and such. Everything that I look at locally is 4" and won't work. I'd like to take him up on his offer but need to purchase the materials that will fit a 4" hole and nothing I can find can support this. I suspect that water is further than 30' so I'll need a submersible pump. Anyone have any info, suggestions and pricing on what I need would be greatly appreciated.

    Charlie Shields

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    I don't know if I told you before Charlie, I can supply the three in submersible pump.

    The pipe you would want would be 3" ID. Either galvanized or PVC Sch 40. Try an industrial supply company in your area. They should have the pipe. Or an irrigation supply house.


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