I have to start by stating I have no knowledge of pumps. I have recently purchased my first home, which is approximately 10 years old.

I have been trying my hardest to find the answer to my question, with no luck. I have a Con-Aire 42 gallon pressure tank with the valve on the top. It does not say if it is bladder or not, and I do not know how to figure that out?! My pump (everything is in the garage) was turning on and off quickly, which I believe was short-cycling. I would get water for about 10-15 minutes, then the pump would 100% shut off for about 10-15 minutes, and it would repeat this until I turned off the faucet 9I belive my pump was overheating). I tested the pressure with a tire pressure checker and it was almost 0, and a little (just a quick spurt) water came out. So I decided it must be water-logged. I then followed the steps to pressurize it. First, I unplugged the pump. I then opened the faucet and let all of the water out. I then filled the tank up to 28 PSI (30/50 tank). When I did this the pressure gauge also registered 28 PSI. I plugged the pump back in and it made a sound like it was just humming, not pumping. Almost like a car in idle.

I then opened the faucet and ALL the air I put in came flooding out of the faucet, brining my pressure back down to 0. On top of that there is no water in my tank. So I went from at least being able to water my lawn every other 10 minutes to nothing!!! Please help or my newly planted lawn will die quickly in the VA heat! What do I need to do to get water? Thank you!