From my e-mail this morning. He's referring to a CSV1/60 that he purchased. Last name was left out purposely.

quote:I purchased the above from you about 4-5 moths ago...i have a geothermal hvac system, 2 zone and about 30 lawn sprinklers on about 7 zones...1 1/2 starite submersible about 80 feet here in ocean county new jersey...just replaced the pump....they constant pressure and the elimination of cycling is may have even reduced electric consumption and i know the elimination of cycling has to be tremendous...thankyou

im thinking about eliminating my two old bladder tanks...and old sears and a perma tank when one of them goes and going with a 42 gal blatter

also the constant pressure at the sprinklers and shower is a very nice benefit

thought you should know of our satisfaction

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