I re plumbed the entire system with a new 25 gal bladder tank, CSV, new valves etc. The only thing I didn't replace was the submersible pump.
I believe the pump is a 110V model unknown hp. The pressure switch is new and set at 40/60.
Everything was fine until this evening we had low water pressure. Went to the well, the pump was running, gage read about 20#, seemed to hear air. Turned off the main valve to house and pressure did not go up. We have water but not much. Shut off breaker and left it off for 2 1/2 hours.
This well has been there for over 60 years, is over 500 feet deep and never ran out of water, although we are in a drought. The pond 150 feet away has water.
Turned breaker back on and the pressure is only the same 20#. Can't hear any air. Even with main valve off to house the system does not build pressure above 20#. Opened valve to house and same 20# although it did drop and recover slightly.
If I open the contacts on the pressure switch and then allow them to close it does built to 28# for about 1/2 minute then settles back around 20#.
I wouldn't think we are out of water. Is my pump going bad and how can I tell?
If I need a new pump should I go with a 220V and what size? My other pump is a 3/4 hp 220 in my well across the street, (I have 2 properties). Is 1/2 hp enough? we have two adults in the house 2 baths, no irrigation although we do use sprinklers occasionally.
Thanks in advance.
(Glad I bought my CSV here!)