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erd nt

I was wondering if I may ask you, how does one go about finding a good well/pump man? I am a renter, and my landlord is not the best and lives hours away, and we have had almost no water pressure to say the least since December when the pipes in the well house froze. We replaced them, and got water back but never the pressure. We cant even get water to the sinks in the upstairs bathroom faucet or tub(but yes to the toilet),and the downstairs sink in bath the same thing. The water coming into the laundry sink comes in great, however, right across where the washer is you barely get more than a drip of cold water. For some reason the hot water comes in a little better. I don't know if the bladder is not working, or what. When I pushed the schrader valve, water came out,is that normal? It is a sears tank, and unless I am blind, I cannot find the water release valve to drain the tank and re-pressurize it. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, if you have time. Thanks so much!