Hi, new to the forum and I appreciate y'alls contributions. I have a cottage on a lake in southern Michigan. Opened the place up as usual in April but have not been able to get the air out of the system. We have a shallow well pump and I'm told the water table is 20' down although I've never verified.

The pump is s Craftsman 1/2hp 40/60 pressure 120vac and is two years old. The holding tank holds 19 gallons and is pressurized to 45psi.

In the spring I remove the 1" plug on top, fill it with about a gallon of water, install the plug loosely allowing the air to escape, turn on the pump and when I see water squirting around it, tighten it down and I'm good to go.

This year, I get a constant stream of air around the plug and of course when any faucet is opened, there are several blasts of air and then the water flows. But twice, the water stopped flowing altogether. (Current situation). If I stop the pump, open the 1" fill plug and add water it stays full so I believe the check valve is fine. Just when I turn it on does it produce tons of air around the fill plug.

I've replaced the hoses/clamps to the holding tank (1") and the 1 1/4" pipe on the inlet side of the pump. Would appreciate any feedback on how to get the air out and pumping water again. All of my neighbors have the same system and report no problems so I don't think the well is dry.