Hello, I am new to this subjet so bare with me.

I have a Rand 1.0 shallow well pump (gift). I have no instructions. I gleaned some information from other areas. I want to use the well for irrigation. The well is 23 feet deep. Water is evident about 10 ft below ground surface. My intake pipe is made up of 20 ft of PVC 1" pipe with a 3/4" PVC foot valve. At the top I have a 1" discharge T for priming the pipe. I then have a 1" union in line to the input of the pump so I can take it in during the winter. The discharge is a garden hose.

So, with all that, I prime the pipe, the tank, fire her up and away it goes....for a small amount of time and then the pressure guage goes to 0. And no more water.

So, here are my questions.

I've read about a bladder. What does it do? I have a valve but have not checked it (just read about it today).

Is the guage water or air pressure?

Is my intake pipe sized properly? Should I have gone bigger?

Thanks gang. This is a gift for my wife for her birthday (may 27) and I would love to get it going.