Nice site, found it in the middle of the night last night while trying to figure out why I have very little water pressure.

Slight drizzle out of all faucets. Checked at the well to pressure tank connection. All items 8 yrs old when house was built. Gauge reads 5 psi (but I never saw it move last night). There is electric to the pressure switch, and going to well pump. The air pressure in the pressure tank reads 22psi with tire gauge. Both pressure switch and sticker on pressure tank say they are 30-50 systems. I closed the value to the rest of the house, the pump appears to try and run, but only a little water comes out of the drain value at the pressure switch. The pressure tank feels empty by rocking it and sounds hollow. Based on what I read on this sight, I think I have something wrong with the well pump. Is there anything else I can do or check before pulling the well pump?

I have a well service guy coming today to check it out, its expensive and I am looking for second opinions and knowledge to make sure I'm doing the right thing.