When we first moved into our home 5 yrs ago we knew nothing about wells - we now know a little more than nothing, but not much! So bear with me here.

We live in Fl and we have a jet pump. Its not a submersible pump and I am guessing there is not a check valve.

We used to be able to prime our pump with a 2 liter or so, over time it began taking more and more water. Our neighbor across the street told us that it was probably a foot valve issue.... now our pump is cycling on and off and not maintaining prime. As soon as it gets to 60 it shuts off for about a miniute and the pressure steadily drops and then the pump kicks back on.... our research has led us to believe that the foot valve is open.... so we have uncovered the head of the drop pipe and are using an engine hoist and crank system to pull the pipe up.... it will turn in a fill 180 circle but we cant get it to come more than an inch out of the ground.

This is the only water supply to our house so I dont know what to do at this point. How do we get the drop pipe up? What could be holding it down? I can jiggle it and wiggle it with my hands, but nothing bring it up out of the ground. I am under the impressing that it is not more than 20 or 30ft down since thats what the other wells in my neighborhood are....

Any comments greatly appreciated. We are without water until we get this fixed. And I really cant afford to call someone out.