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    HVAC heating and cooling

    After I paid the local old school pro to come do a service call on my oversized 4ton unit after it took out the dual running capacitor in short time(no further investigation).

    I found two other problems with one being "my problem" by me not disassembling the other side(not the blower fan side but return side of the outside unit to find out my coils were clogged "Preventive Maintenance". The other problem would be from the original installer not updating my undersized ducting to handle the higher air flow without having low air flow at the far end of the house. I would rather restrict my air flow by the vents themselves at the end of every run upto my floor vents, especially by the thermostat that can cause short cycling with to much air flow. I also flipped the dip switches on the variable speed motor from 1600cfm to 1800cfm (off of memory) to try forcing more air flow through the undersized ducting that was already in place( I believe they cleaned the old ducting out to eliminate further restrictions). I wasn't there when they installed the new system.

    My Electric bill has gone down(the original problem) by doing a proper service call to check out the whole system and how it's designed. The problem was the unit running continuously with our very high outside temps and it eventually took out the dual running capacitor in short time(system telling me there's a problem or multiple problems).

    If you want to know the dates I can provide them with some digging around in my files. Armstrong is what's coming to mind for unit brand.
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