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Thread: Welfare, and Foreign Aid

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    Welfare, and Foreign Aid

    I see OBUMA is running his mouth again, in saying he could have beat President Elect Trump. This just goes to show what type of a phony slug he was, and continues to be. In my opinion, he was elected because of his race, and many of his race hate his guts, like Jessie Jackson, who wanted to "Cut off his Balls", which was caught on an open mike. Now his wife, (Mrs. Ed) is traveling the country with her Trump Doomsday Message as well, and of course had to tell Big Moma Opra all about it. WHY don't they keep their mouths shut, and just go away, like a normal human being? Remember when the BUM was running against Bush, and he blamed everything on Bush, including the weather, for years after he left office? I cannot wait for Trump to cut the cord on foreign aid, to the Countries that we pay billions to, but continue to hate our guts. I also hope he trims down this free for all welfare system, that promotes laziness, and lack of motivation to find a job. WHY would they, when they are fat dumb and happy with welfare payments, a free cell phone, and who knows what else?.... Dear OBUMA: "You Came, You Failed, Now Just Shut Up, and Leave"! PS: Remember all you hard working Americans, Tax time is just around the corner, so save your money now, to pay for all these BS programs, and "PLEASE DO NOT FUDGE" on Your own tax return, as that would be a Sin.

    "Just sounding off",

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