I use it on my septic tank with no backups ever(mine is downhill from the house). You should've been there when I had my septic tank pumped after 30+ yrs before I came along(both of us was wondering how it didn't back up(completely full).

Still using this today and I recommend it

Here in Oklahoma it's mandatory for the well pump installer to disinfect your well. The well pump installer will let the homeowner know that they need to keep that "unscented" bleach water throughout their whole pipeline, the longest they can(24hr)before they start flushing it out. If you have a water hydrant next to your well, where you can run water back into the well to help circulate the bleach water where you can smell it coming out the hydrant, so that way you can turn it off and then go turn on each individual faucet in your house to where you smell the bleach running through it, and turn it off. Make sure you flush off a pitless adaptor with fresh water(it will turn green).

Now, if you have an old galvanized cased well or a the very old tin cased well then yes, it would not be totally recommended to use bleach water down your well due to corrosion. But by law, we still have to disinfect your well(ph your water)This is because of when you have your drop pipe and wire on the ground to possibly pickup bacteria and put it back into your well.

I would recommend that you drill a new well so that way. You don't have rust particles and chucks trying to go through your all stainless steel impeller's or plastic impellers. Neither one is good for them.