Hello all,
My home is 12 years old, my well works great as well as the bladder tank/pressure switch 30-60PSI.
When I built the home, the plumbing inspector told me my PH was about 13 (alkaline) and I need a PH Neut.... to pass inspection.
The tank is an Aquapunn or aquapure, I forget but I have to replenish the Calcite. Every so often I have to remove the tank, clean it all out and add new gravel and Calcite; I did that maybe 3 years ago.
My issue is a silt like substance from I assume the Calcite breaking down. If I turn the water off to repair something, when I turn it back on, the silt comes out very heavily from any water source 1st or 2nd floor. My 1st floor toilet kept running, it had 2 cups of "silt" on the bottom of the tank.
When I fill the tank, I do not overfill and I backwash until relatively clear water runs. Then I turn the water on and my faucet screens are all plugged, shower head, toilet valve, mixing valve etc. Not all of them every time, but an issue with one of them nonetheless.
I put in a whole house filter, it plugs in 2-3 days and I've tried a few different types of elements so thats not the solution.
I live alone, so I don't use allot of water. But I don't understand why this is happening and how to resolve it??
I'm also afraid that this crap is filling my septic tank and getting it pumped probably won't get the 12 years worth of silt I assume is on the bottom.

I'm broke (Union layed off 2.5 years ago), I cannot afford a "Culligan water system" Is that the only viable solution?

Please share with me some of your thoughts or experiences.