Here is "B". She is a 70lb Chocolate Lab. She was found by friends of ours so of coarse we ended up with her. She is almost two years old, so she is still a puppy.

Problem with B is that she is terrified of water. A lab scared of water??? So with a lot of coaxing, we got her into the pool. She gave it a gallant try with the swimming thing. Webbed feet and all, but just like Blackie, the Lab and Rottweiler combo that we lost last year due to old age (18.5years) she wasn't kicking her hind feet enough and pretty soon her butt started to sink, then the splashing of the front feet began and she freaked. Now; she's more scared of the water.

What to do? So I tied a Swim Fluggle on her hind end with a rope and now her hind end stays level with her shoulders and she's got her confidence back. Hell, she may even become a water dog someday, who knows?

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