Interesting thread

If, this was on my property scenario with my layout

I would used a pitless adapter and piped it to flow down to my pond or help feed multiple ponds with overflow and talk with another neighbor with the pond that could use the extra water or not would mean I would need to dam it up or put a ball valve on it(manually)with your top well casing setup to hold the pressure.

No law here says I can't feed my pond with well water (similar to a spring feed pond). Now, if were contaminated well water you wouldn't want that. Takes a serious freeze to actually freeze a good flowing artesian well with continuous flow.

There's a very slow flowing one in a local park that flows year round into a pond flowing over top of the well open to the environment that has never caused casing problems. Can't say it has ever froze up before because I never drove over to look at it during a hard freeze. But, I do know about it and the other well further back that created a swap area flowing year round.

It used to supply a bath house back in the early days for mineral bathing water being good for your skin....It closed after everything clogged up from the minerals. Just a open parking lot these days where the building was located downtown. People around the town would come fill up water containers to take back home from the great tasting water. Later on, it supplied multiple water fountains and a couple of small bathing areas for your kids. The park was named mineral wells park. The first college football "bedlam" game was played in this park as well.

Great historical history in that park!