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Thread: 1" copper "old school design" for whole house plumbing

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    1" copper "old school design" for whole house plumbing

    These systems ran at 20/40 pressure setting with no pressure drops while running multiple faucets at the same time(most of the time you needed the water savers to slow flow and pressure so it didn't splash out your sink). Elevation raise was the only reason why needed more pressure. You could also use smaller pressure tanks and why we like a good plumber that knows what he is doing when it comes to performance and pleasing happy customers.

    Pex pipe has become the biggest problem on house plumbing because most plumbers don't know how to size Pex pipe properly with minimal friction losses on water flow through the pipe on use.

    I plumbed a house already testing out Pex-B with brass fittings that create a little more friction losses hitting every barbed fitting on the way. 3/4" copper supply to 1" home run design with all 1" tees and elbows(they have sweeps) before coming up with 3/4" through the floors and then reduce to your 1/2". Recirculating pump as well and 30/50psi pressure settings no problems even with multiple garden hoses running outside on a 2hp 25gpm submersible pump.

    I probably could have achieved 20/40 with PEX-A with running a new 1 1/4" supply pipe that you see with bigger gpm flow rates. Sometimes even bigger on those mansions homes.
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