I just joined the forum because I have a bunch of questions and need help.

I bought an old house (1860) three years ago and it needed a ton of work. It had flooded due to a hole in the roof, and it had been empty for around ten years.
At some point during the time it was vacant, vandals had gone into the basement and stole all the copper plumbing as well as the copper wiring.

As a result, there is absolutely no pipes or wires(or breakers for that mater) going to the well pump. There is only a water main "stub" coming through the foundation wall along with three (3) wires and an empty pvc conduit.

I have fixed all the structural issue in the house, put on a new roof, and re-wired it. I now need to get water and plumbing in the house. I decided to try to get the well going. So, based on the location of the main "stub", I went out into the back yard and looked in the vicinity where I thought it came thru the foundation wall. It didn't take long to find a large flat rock. I lifted the rock and found the well.

Here is what I found:

Problem #1: The 24" concrete outer casing is broken and does not stand proud of the surrounding soil. Who knows what has gotten in there over the last decade.

Problem #2: How do I determine the operating voltage of that well pump? There is no wiring in the basement, so it could have been 120 volts or 240.

Question #1: Does it matter if the 24" outer casing was bad? There appears to be a smaller 6" (approx) steel casing inside the 24" concrete with the pump wires etc. going into it via a blue casing cap.

Question #2: Does the outer concrete casing go all the way down to the water? Or, is it only the inner steel casing that goes to the water? What is the purpose of two casings?

Question #3: If rainwater/groundwater or critters(mice etc.) got down in there via the broken outer concrete casing, is the well compromised or poisoned?

Thanks in advance for any help,
Fritz St.Mire