Hi, I joined this forum because I need to learn how to put together a small water pumping system.

I moved to southern Ecuador and am living at high altitude near the crest of the Andes mountains. I bought some beautiful land which is up along the ridge tops here. It has several springs which supply us with water. There is normally a sufficient water supply, but during the dry season the springs that are higher up run dry and we need to pump water from a spring which is lower than the house and the small orchard we have planted.

There is a fairly good spring on the other side of the valley, which is also my property, but it is about level with the house.

I have two options for getting more water. I can make a claim to a spring high up on th eridges on neighbors property, but that costs lawyer and bureaucratic money, plus buying and burying two miles of water hose. The option that I would prefer is to pump water from the other side of the valley to the house. We don't need a lot, but a hundred or two gallons a day would be nice during the dry season, then we could grow more of our own food.

There is no electricity over there, so the system would need to be solar. I envision a small positive displacement pump which is operated by a solar system to send the water here. I can get more into details if you would kindly direct me to the proper forums around here, thanks.

There is one other alternative which seems far fetched, and that would be to build a huge cistern and fill it with rain water from the roof during the rainy season. However, that might not be enough, and it might be a giant expense to build a giant water cistern.