I just moved to the boonies which has well water. Moved here in March and all was fine until 5 or 6 weeks ago I discovered dead ants and insect particles coming out of my faucets. The well companies around here are a joke. I finally got someone to come out but he couldn't see, literally, and said he forgot his glasses. He spread vaseline all around everywhere, the casing, the conduit, all in the electrical box, and found dead ants all caked on the electrical wires in the box above the well casing. He attempted to take apart a metal pipe connected to the casing but couldn't get it off, so he gave up, thankfully, because I don't think he knew what he was doing. Then when he turned the power on to the well, the aerator overflowed and water was going everywhere. He said he was afraid to drain the aerator which I asked if he could do, but the lever was broke and would require turning it with a wrench or something to release the water from the aerator, but he was afraid for some reason. Now my bladder tank (or at least that's what I'm told it's called!) has a small leak since he came here and I'm not sure why and he doesn't know how to deal with it and honestly I don't want him coming back anyway. He left, hoping the vaseline would solve the problem. I wasn't confident. He didn't give me a bill and I didn't ask about paying until he stopped at my house this morning and I notice he dropped off a bill at the door (on the porch, easily to be blown away) after he had called the other day saying he forgot to collect money and would be sending me the invoice. I called around looking for someone more professional and finally got someone from 2 hours away cause they were in town at the time. They showed up within 45 minutes..poured bleach down the well which is what I wanted in the first place but have no clue how to do it myself, and poured a little more bleach in the aerator, then he siliconed all the areas around the well casing and said there's no way ants would be able to get in any more. I think my problem is gone now and I feel confident the last man addressed the problem appropriately, however, the way my aerator and bladder tanks are setup nobody can seem to figure out how exactly they work in order to work on them. They're not sure how to address the leak in the bladder tank. The last guy actually told me he doesn't work on them, so I don't know what to about the leak except let it go since it doesn't drip that bad. Also, there's several areas of the silicone on the well casing that haven't even dried all the way and it's been 5 days already, granted it's really humid but I'm guessing it's not drying in areas that well due to the vaseline that's spread everywhere from the previous company! Needless to say I'm pretty frustrated because #1 I got a bill from the first company for $65 for them to spread vaseline on my well and cause more harm than good for something that would eventually wear off with a good rain washing, and my aerator overflowed when he turned the power back on, causing the aerator to overflow which I believe caused the leak on the bladder tank, because it wasn't there before. Can't say that's his fault. How was he supposed to know it would overflow \_(ツ)_/ #2, I'm frustrated cause this silicone isn't drying in many areas and I now see a bunch of ants in the ground around the well so I dumped some killer on them and hoping for the best. I do believe my water is ok now though, or at least it's much better? Not sure cause I haven't used my bathtub in 6 weeks but when I fill the tub up now it looks pretty good. Anyways, after all that's said, I came here in hopes that someone might have some pointers I guess. I have pictures of my well tank setup that I'd like to post somewhere on this forum if possible, which no well company seems to be familiar with the setup at all. They all look at it dumbfounded! Ugh. I wasn't sure if this was the place to upload pics. I'm very new to this. Didn't even know the thing sticking up from the ground (well casing) belonged to us when we moved here until I had this ant problem