Hey guys!

New memeber here. I live in a house in the mountains of Colorado and am on a well system. Here are some well system details:

400í well (Iíve never run out of water before, FYI)
1HP submersible pump (just replaced 4 days ago)
5í tall ďpump mateĒ pressure tank
40/60 pressure switch
Check valve between well head and pressure tank (just replaced)
Ball valves before and after pressure tank
Pex in house with pex manifold

Here is my problem:
I noticed my water pressure declining this past month. Along with the water pressure decline I also saw my utility bill spike dramatically this last month.

I called in the well company because I thought I might have a leak in the supply line. They, after about 5 min of checking said it was the well pump. They pulled the pump and replaced it with a new 1HP pump. They fired up the system, the pump pressurized my tank in about 2 minutes and I had the best water pressure Iíve ever had. Took a shower, water had lots of sediment, I assumed this was due to the new pump install.

Fast forward 90 minutes. All water and water pressure were gone. Checked control box fuses and replaced them. Fuses were still good.

Called in well company. They spent about 5 minutes looking for problem and said the well was empty (I highly doubt this).

They left without resolving problem.

Started diagnosis. Saw that the pressure tank took a really long time to build pressure and wouldnít hold it. Saw that when the pump was turned off all water would rush out of pressure tank and House back into well.

Pulled check valve and found rock in it that was preventing it from working properly. Replaced.

Still, system will not fill pressure tank or build sufficient pressure (only gets about 30psi and then drops about 90seconds after turning pump back on). At this point well is not pushing water into system.

Checked pressure tank at top, I have 40psi. Not a waterlogged tank.

Check farm faucet next to well head with pump running and ball valve closed that supplies house. No water.

One additional detail, the guy who replaced pump said he set it 50í deeper than before and I also still have an abnormal amount of sediment in water.

I need help. Iíve used all the logic I have to diagnose this issue and canít figure it out. Havenít had running water for 5 days and have two very small children.