Many thanks for running such an informative forum!

I am working on a potential problem with our condo's irrigation system in SW Florida. Our irrigation guy says he's not getting enough water to run the system efficiently, and he thinks one of the pumps is having a problem and intermittently shutting down. We're not sure which pump may be shutting down, he thinks it could be a temporary thermal overload, but we don't need to reset any of the breakers in the control boxes.

Here's the setup: We have 2 wells about 30ft apart, each about 100ft deep with 4" casing, and 2hp Franklin/Aermotor 50gpm pumps which we think are placed at 60ft. The 2 pressure switches switch one leg of the 230v to the Franklin control boxes.

Each pump has its own pressure switch but since they feed the same pressure tank one pump starts first, and the only time the 2nd pump would start would be if the first can't supply 30psi. One is set to 30/50 and the other is set to 25/45. Both seem to work fine when I run them individually to check the pressure set points.

I measured the motor winding resistances and found the start winding on the older pump was 11 ohms (the spec is 5.5-7.2 ohm) and the other windings were all within their spec. Both motors seem to start fine. Could the 11 ohms indicate a problem with the pump? The older pump draws 13 amp and the newer one 15 amp.

If one well were to run dry would the pump automatically turn off and then restart once the water level was back up?