I am new here, just found this forum. Our home water system is a bit unusual in that we get our water from a spring that is fed by a lake in a cave, the spring being about 20' above the house. The system consists of a spring box, 1 " PVC piping down the hillside to a pump house, where is a flapper type check valve, a whole house type sediment filter and a harbor freight combination pump, 3gal tank and pressure switch.

This is all predates our moving here, and other than cleaning out the spring box and replacing the filter we haven't done much with it. Pressure coming into the pump is about 22 psi. Pressure in the house fluctuated quite a bit and would top out at around 35 PSI. Last week the pump seemed to be cycling erratically, then it quit, leaving us with 22psi in the house.

I had had been planning on rebuilding the system and locating the hardware under an addition we are building to protect it from freezing. The objective of the rebuild was to get about 60psi in the house and more constant pressure. The hardware configuration might be:

- A spring loaded check valve
- New pump (what make / model would you recommend)?
- Cycle stop valve (60 psi)
- Pressure tank (maybe 5 gal)
- Pressure switch (what make / model would you recommend)
- Sediment filter

is this the right order to connect things up?

System feeds our home and one outside faucet, plumbing through the system and into the house is ". We are located in middle Tennessee, just below the Kentucky border. Thanks in advance for any wisdom / advice you care to share