Yesterday I installed a new well pump, my well is 175 foot deep, static water at 125, pump set at 150'. I set the new Goulds 35GS15 at 150'. New wire, 1.25" PVC drop pipe, added a check valve at 10' above pump. New control box matched to the unit, new press switch. Existing Pump Tec. New press tank and piping.

Turned on power, and well would not reach pressure, and took a long time to reach 50psi, would not go any further (40-60 switch)
Seemed to only pump about 5gpm at best. High producing well was pumping 26 gpm before old pump started failing, (built in check valve failed)
After running wide open for several minutes, measured static level dropped 1 foot
Tried turning off and on for 1 minute several times, thinking it might be air bound, no change.
Drawing 6.9 amps at pressure switch, both incoming hot leads measuring 121V disconnected from switch.
Measured amps under load at control box: 7.9 amps on Yellow (book says s/b 9.3)
7.5 amps at black (book 8.2)
1.9 amps at red (book 2.0)
Bypassed PumpTec, no change. Disconnected each wire at control and checked for short, none.
Measured resistance at Yellow to black 2.6 Black to red 13, Yellow to red 10.

What else do I look for? Desperate for answers.