I don't know if you watched that video but, it was really sad. I have seen so much with cancer that it makes me sick. No pun intended. I have truly, always been the youngest when I started in the world of cancer 11 years ago. I would walk into the waiting room and everyone would turn around and look, and stare, and then, eventually, ask me who I was waiting for; and was shocked to pieces when I said, " well, no one, I am the patient." I was 44 but, I always looked so much younger even. I looked 25 when 40. I was always truly grateful, that I never had to look at a kid sitting there with me getting chemo. It would had broken my heart & spirit. So, when I watched this video it brought back many memories for me, being I spent over 5 years on chemo totally. I got many memories.

I hope everyone takes a minute of their life to send this little kid a card and I hope those that do, will put a few bucks in it, for those parents could probably use the help.

This little boy is losing the battle, he is maybe losing his life, I hope everyone will share a minute and a dollar of there's to help make his Christmas what he wants it to be.

If I put this in a spot Bob, where no one can see it, I see only 9 people have read it, would you kindly move it to a better thread for others to see, to help this little boy.

Thank you, Cookie